About - Dr. Ngozi M. Obi

Dr. Ngozi (pronounced en-Goh-zee) M. Obi is an American author of Nigerian Ibo descent whose love for writing has evolved into four published works of fiction to date.


Her journey as a writer began in response to her search for a genre of books with an inspirational message that seamlessly tackle the complexity of life’s concepts with ease. She also found that delving into writing served as an escape and a way to deal with her late mother’s illness and subsequent passing. It allowed her to tap into her vivid imagination and create tangible characters that most people can easily relate to.


Her debut novel, Love’s Destiny, was published in 2009. It follows the main character, Naeerah, in a tale of love lost and found. Her second novel, When Dreams and Visions Collide, was published in 2010. It follows Fern and her friends in a tale of fulfilling dreams against arduous challenges. Her third novel, Love’s Legacy, was published in 2016 and continues the quest of true love in a riveting sequel to her first novel. Her latest body of work, Land of the Rising Sun: A fictional tribute to Biafra, published in 2017, is a must read and chronichles the indigene Biafran war experience in a historical fiction tribute. She’s currently working on several other works of fiction which will be published at a future date. All of her novels are available through most online booksellers and the links to these sites can be accessed through the store section of this website. 


Ngozi finds inspiration for her novels from the basic things in life and her books aim to inspire adults of all ages. A central theme to some of her books, particularly the love series, is her personal testimony and commitment to remain a virgin until marriage. A message she feels is necessary in a world where there’s constant bombardment and pressure to become part of its sex crazed culture. Most people testify to being delivered from their involvement in this culture but she attests to God’s keeping power! It proves that people don’t necessarily have to put themselves through this type of mess in order to have a relevant message. God can keep you from the mess and the effects of it. She hopes this message will be a light in a world where lines of moral absolutes have become blurred. Other themes readily present in her books include perseverance in fulfilling dreams no matter how hard it seems, realizing that no one is an island to themselves in the pursuit of their purpose in life and learning the ability to encourage one’s self and push through in those times you’re the only one who believes in your God given dreams. She hopes reading about these concepts in her books will encourage people to go after their own dreams and become their best selves along the way as they selflessly surrender to the process it takes to materialize a dream instead of shrinking back in fear of the unknown or due to countless failures and settling for the mediocre.


Dr. Obi also practices as a pharmacist in the state of Virginia, where she serves the community by helping save lives through medical outcomes intervention. Her role as a Pharmacist is one she takes very seriously and uses it frequently to educate the community on the importance of being present and owning a role in one’s personal health care. She hopes to bring greater awareness to this concept through speaking engagements.


In her spare time, when she’s not busy writing books or serving the community through pharmacy practice, she enjoys going to the spa, cooking (frequently experimenting with different recipes), Zumba, shopping and reading.



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