My thoughts on the 2016 elections

7 years ago

As I write this blog, I feel the same way about this election as I did almost 10 years ago about events that happened in my church. I felt back then that something wasn’t quite right with the way the situation was being handled and I even remember questioning an elder about it only to be shot down but fast forward 8 years after that incident, the ones that shouted crucify him were now apologetic about allowing the devil to use them back then. interesting that in the moment, back then, they were sure it was God who led them to do what they did. This blog isn’t about that incident, I’m only noting that my feeling was the same and it turned out that what I felt in my spirit was right.

I don’t know Hillary Clinton personally and don’t even agree with her on all the issues but I do believe she’s the best choice for the moment. I’ll address the spiritual aspect and why I started with the comparison to the feelings about my church later but I hear a lot of people say they don’t like her and like Oprah said in her interview on Bishop Jakes’ show, “You don’t have to like her, but do you like the country you live in and the freedoms you enjoy?” to that I add especially if you’re a minority or a woman. Every time I hear Donald Trump say he’s going to make America great again, I wonder what Era he’s referring to and it seems to me that he’s referring to times when slavery or separate but equal was the norm because after all. all black people live in the ghetto or a time when women were meant to be seen and not heard. Make no mistake, The outcome of this election will show just how far we’ve come as a nation of how further back we’re about to be thrusted. With regards to Hillary Clinton’s emails, I personally think it’s a witch hunt. Previous Secretaries of states used the same method and former presidents and administrations deleted emails and were never called into question so what’s changed? She’s a WOMAN who might just become the next president of the United States and that in itself is a threat to the establishment against minorities and women.

I honestly tried to listen to Trump in the beginning because I wanted to hear what he had to say for myself but the more I listened, the more my spirit was disturbed. He calls Hillary Clinton a liar but he’s lied at every juncture and every time he’s caught in a lie he says he never said that and it gets brushed aside like it’s no big deal among other things. I was listening to a loose canon and someone who basically believed he could do no wrong and everyone else was the problem. The very definition of a narcissist and yet many Christians said God chose him and I kept wondering which god they were referring to because it couldn’t be the God of the Bible. I don’t believe God chose Trump to be president and God forbid that he wins, it will be because the establishment against minorities and women put him there not God. Trump became the republican nominee because he fed the fears of his supporters, which basically boils down to the fear of not having guns and minorities taking over. Trump’s promise not to allow this is what led him here. He also keeps talking about eliminating ISIS but his obsession with war is much like theirs. Never mind his alliance with Russia that he refuses to acknowledge. I could go on and on but I think y’all get the point so I’ll leave well enough alone.

Now, to address the spiritual aspect of things. I actually got a letter from a major ministry (I will not name names) saying to vote in line with God’s word. Reading further, voting in line with the word of God meant voting against abortion, gay people and the like. I felt my stomach turning instead of agreeing. These are the very people Jesus died to save and if He were here today, he’d be in their midst trying to reach them just like He did back then and was even called a winebibber and a friend of sinners because of it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning sin but we need to understand why Jesus was on earth in the 1st place. Luke 19:10 says that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. The very ones we condemn are the ones Jesus came to save and we who are saved need to be Jesus to them. Light shines brightest in darkness and when we preach more with our lives exemplifying the love of God and less with our mouths and judgement, people change. But some that profess Christ are still struggling with their flesh too much to be the light in a dark world yet point the finger of condemnation at a lost world all the while complaining about the moral decay in our nation. We must change if we want to see things change morally in our nation. The church is responsible for legislating morality 1st by our actions. It’s time to stop playing church and become the church. And honestly, this isn’t the 1st time America has experienced moral decay and some how God has managed to redeem our nation in the past. He can certainly do it again.

In choosing a leader, we must look for one who tempers justice with mercy not one who only seeks justice when it doesn’t apply to them. What if God did that to us? Most Christians sing about how they’re glad God didn’t give them what they deserve because of His mercy yet are ready to give others what they deserve, talk about hypocrisy. Another thing  to look for is one who cares for the least of us, children, minorities, women etc. Jesus frequently brought children close and included women. The Bible even tells us how to treat aliens within our borders in Deuteronomy 10:19. Lastly, one who unites us rather  than divides us. Psalm 133:1 says o how good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity for there God commands His blessings.

I’ve said enough for one day but I’ll leave y’all with this, if y’all want to keep moving forward, vote Hillary. If y’all want us to go backwards then vote Trump.


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