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love lesson 156

Outward success doesn’t always translate into inward success, they are somewhat mutually exclusive.¬†Strive to obtain both¬†as it will give you balance in life but if you had to choose one over the other, choose to be inwardly successful because at some point it will lead to success outwardly for all[…]
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love lesson 155

Letting go of what you’re holding unto allows God to bring what you need!

love lesson 154

Pain increases our capacity to grow! We never wish for pain but if & when it comes, accept it, grow from it & minister out of it to someone going through something similar!

love lesson 153

Self Love: Love yourself enough to ensure your own happiness. Nobody else can make you happy but you and basing your happiness on someone else is too much power for that individual. They shouldn’t have so much power over you that your happiness or misery depends solely on them. SELAH!