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My favorite commercial

My favorite commercial of all time is the Swiffer commercial w/Morty & Lee Kaufman…. Watch it for yourself & see…. This is what love should look like 44 years & 6 children later! =)

My favorite color

As many of you know, My favorite color is Purple. It’s a rich, regal color often associated with royalty. I like purple because it’s a calm, yet exciting color and it comes in a variety of shades. Purple is a mixture of Red and Violet (blue). The shades differ based[…]
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my favorite movie line

It’s amazing how my favorite movie line is in a movie that’s not even in the theaters yet but after seeing the trailer, I know in my heart that this will be a movie worthy of an Oscar nomination. What movie is it? you ask. I’ll tell you.┬áThe movie I’m[…]
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A few of my favorite People

Most people in this day and age are inspired by famous people that have money and the truth is most people are famous today because they have money. There is nothing wrong with being famous or having money but I think it skews the whole hero concept. People should inspire[…]
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