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2015, The year of Grace

  Hello to all in cyber land. I haven’t posted in a while, primarily because I’ve been working on myself. I was walking the other day and I found myself questioning God about some things. It seemed to me that for some reason, those in the body of Christ who[…]
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Time Line of proposed Events

I’m posting this for those that have been asking questions like when is my next book coming out? Am I still hosting a book festival? and finally, what about the hospital in honor of my mom? Most of you who know me well know I operate in a spirit of excellence[…]
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Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, Georgia

My very first book festival in pictures. It was hot and I was a bit nervous because it was my first time doing anything like this but it turned out to be a great event and a great learning experience. Many years and book festivals later, I can say I’m[…]
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