Commentary on Nigeria’s recent election

8 years ago

As I write this, I’m reminiscent of my mother’s love for Nigeria; A country, as she said, used to be called the giant of Africa. What happened to this great giant? We’d all like to know. I dare say Nigeria was brought about by the British colonialists’ experiment. Why else would ethnic groups that have nothing in common coexist as a nation? However curious of an answer to the question posed here, this article/blog will not necessarily speak to that. Although that seems to be the root of Nigeria’s problems.

I have mixed emotions about the election of Muhammadu Buhari as president. people are hailing him as some sort of messiah coming to save Nigeria. I read the speech he gave at his inauguration and didn’t get that impression about him. Everything he enumerated he was going to do are things the previous government was already doing so for a man who ran on a platform of change, other than another Muslim Hausa man back in power, what really changed? Absolutely nothing. Just the realization of Buhari’s ambition and how exactly does this ambition benefit the nation? it doesn’t! Even his wife closed her spa/salon because she’s now the 1st lady. I’d like to know who’s going to employ those that worked for her or are they not part of those unemployed (or recently unemployed) that her husband swore to help?

The biggest issue I have with this is the mentality of the Nigerian people as it relates to the election. It seems most checked their brain at the door when talking about this. It only confirms what the Lord told me about what was going on in Nigeria: O foolish Nigerians, who has bewitched you?  How else can you explain why someone who is supposedly in trouble would vote for someone without a solution to their problem? It makes no sense. Yet I hear things like “God did this” and “there’s peace”. I’d like to know which God they’re referring to because it can’t be the God I know. I understand the need for peace and let’s make absolutely clear that the only reason there’s peace in Nigeria today is because the former president, Jonathan Goodluck acted like a true statesman and conceded rather than contesting the results even though we all know the election was probably rigged. In his own words, “My personal ambition is not worth the life of any Nigerian”, something Buhari never did the previous three times he lost or would’ve done this time if INEC had declared him the loser of the election. I’d also like to know what kind of peace only exists when Hausa Muslims are in leadership, if not the Hausa Muslims start killing Christians. Is this true peace? I think not.

Another thing that bothers me here is how people are hailing this as a true democratic process. Really? What can I say? I guess true democracy allows four year olds to vote in order to win elections.  The phrase “by any means necessary” comes to mind here. I don’t believe true democracy happened here. True Democracy is realized in a nation when the voices of all of it’s citizens are heard. Where are the voices of the Ibos, Ibibios, Urhobos etc? The evidence of this is blaring with the cabinet appointment of 75% Northerners, yet they have the gall to accuse Jonathan of stealing Government money. I’m not advocating corruption but Jonathan is from the Niger Delta, the oil producing area of Nigeria so this resource is rightfully his. The Northerners who aren’t from this area have benefited from Niger Delta oil since Nigeria’s inception so who are the real thieves? Let’s call a spade a spade, people. Buhari even had the gall to say that only those who voted for him will benefit from his government. This is also evidenced in his cabinet appointments. A true statesman would never say that. I remember when Obama was elected in the US, he told those that didn’t vote for him that he is their president and wants to represent them as well. I could go on and on but there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how I feel about this.

I planned on visiting Nigeria in 2016 to start the process of building a hospital to honor my mom’s memory but I’m not sure if it’s worth it at this time. I’m not sure if it’s worth it to invest time and resources with so much looming uncertainty. I honestly hope I’m wrong about Buhari but to date, he’s only confirmed my feelings about him. All I can do is pray and ask God to intervene in Nigeria’s situation because if not, the country is in serious trouble. I ask everybody to pray for Nigeria as well. The country has the potential of being one of the greatest countries in the world if governed properly and it’s time for the Southerners to eat the fruit of their labor because the oil that benefits the nation is a southern resource.

My charge to Buhari is to seek the betterment of the whole nation, especially the south, if he wants to prove he’s a true statesman. True democracy means people have the right not to vote for you but if you get elected, you realize you’re their president as well and seek their best interest. #SELAH!

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