Fat Loss Detox January 2015

9 years ago
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We’ve all enjoyed the holidays and it’s festivities, now the New Year is here and we’re making resolutions. This time however, losing weight for me isn’t just another New Years resolution, it’s an absolute must in order to stay healthy. I’m trying a few different things, focusing more on nutrition than anything else. Good nutrition has to be the core of any weight loss plan. We can exercise all we want but if we’re not eating right, it’s of no use unless you have eight hours a day to work out. I know I don’t. If you’re like me, things have to be packaged in a way that makes it easy to grab and go. I don’t have time to spend mixing up shakes or anything like that. For this 1st month, I’m eliminating all sweets, breads, juices and the like. I’m eating more of fish, meats, vegetables, whole fruits and fruit & veggie smoothies. One of my go to grab and go smoothies is the naked brand “Green Machine” smoothie. It contains lots of good greens, turmeric and spirulina, all good for you. It comes packaged in single serve bottles. Another brand I’m going to try is Williams Sonoma Project juice detox. I’ll post more on the Williams Sonoma Brand after I try it. We all know that taking a good multivitamin supplement is important when trying to lose weight.  I tried Zurvita’s Zeal. While it contains lots of vitamins, minerals and supplements, I don’t like the fact that it has guarana (natural caffeine) in it. It’s not so good for those that are sensitive to caffeine. They do make a guarana and caffeine free variety but it’s not available in the easy grab and go single serve bottles. Zeal also made me hungry instead of suppressing my appetite. I got the trial pack so I don’t know which formula I got as it wasn’t clearly marked. They make three varieties and it’s possible I got the enrich variety which I would think would make me hungry. I think it’s a great supplement for those who can use it. I personally prefer EcoDrink single serve multivitamin packets. You just add one packet to a bottle of water and you have your day’s supply of vitamins and minerals. You can also get it readily at your local Costco or any other retailer without waiting to order from a representative, another thing I don’t like about Zurvita’s Zeal. Whatever you do, make sure you add a good multivitamin to your regimen, preferably liquid based because your body absorbs it better. As always, make sure your healthcare professional is on board with any weight loss program you choose. I’ll post more on what works for me as I walk through this. Hopefully, with perseverance, great results will be achieved. Happy New Year again and happy healthy living to all! Here’s to your health in 2015!

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