Reversing Diabetes

9 years ago
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A good friend turned me on to a book I’d like to share with y’all! It’s called “Reversing Diabetes” by Dr. Neal Barnard.

I’m not much into self help books but this one got my attention. It’s packed full with helpful and healthful information that could ultimately lead to reversing Diabetes or at least decreasing it’s complications. I highly recommend it for anyone who has diabetes or a pre-disposition to diabetes. The diet suggested in the book is mostly plant based. I’ve often wondered if the fattening of our meat sources with hormones isn’t part of the reason for increased incidence of diabetes. I can’t prove it but I’d like to know if there’s a correlation much in the same way there’s a correlation between the manufacture and use of high fructose corn syrup and increased incidence of diabetes.

We all know that modifying diet habits is key to diabetes control. Everything we eat turns into sugar (Energy) in the body but people with diabetes can’t use the sugar (for energy) because of a dysfunction in the way their body handles insulin (the hormone that helps transport sugar into individual cells so it can be used for energy). Studies listed in the book suggest that switching to a┬áplant based diet helps to decrease insulin resistance (the phenomenon whereby your body can’t utilize it’s own insulin that it produces) which in turn may help to reverse diabetes and it’s complications.

As always, work in concert with your healthcare professional and nutritionist to achieve your goals!

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